The Week in Dance: Coupling (

LAST WEEKEND I STOPPED BY A REHEARSAL for Chris Yon and Taryn Griggs’s The Very Unlikeliness (I’m Going to KILL You!) [again&again version], showing soon at the Bryant-Lake Bowl (June 21-30). It was Saturday morning; I got a sausage biscuit and some coffee from the bar. Griggs strapped their baby into a carrier for their babysitter, Sam Johnson of SuperGroup; Chris Schlichting dropped by with raspberry pie, and then Yon and Griggs started their run-through.

Let’s admit it: the closely coupled bear the same relation to most committed pairs as twins do to most siblings—and like twins, closely coupled people are inescapably strange. Yon and Griggs double the trouble by looking alike, particularly now that Yon’s grown out his bangs and has his own shock of chocolate-brown hair to fling and settle after each of the fast head-snaps his choreography abounds in. This twin/pair flicker gives The Very Unlikeliness a voyeuristic frisson—well, I don’t want to say gives, as if the piece wouldn’t be interesting without it. But then the piece wouldn’t be itself. The Very Unlikeliness is, as Yon and Griggs say in their press material, their “act”.

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