Walker Art Center Library residency (spring 2013)

I’m currently writer-in-residence at the Walker Art Center’s fantastic library. Follow my posts at the link below.

A public showing is scheduled for June 20.


Day 2:

“a photo of her body in a landscape with wings”

Exercise: Look up each noun in the phrase above. Find pictures to correspond. Lay books open and photograph the resulting spread.

Exercise: Look up the last word in a book in the card catalog. Choose the first card and follow it to a new book. Look up the last word in that book in the catalog. Continue until you have gone in a complete circle.

Q: How many such paths are possible in the library?

Q: How many books are not accessible by such paths?

I notice the implied community of users in the library. I feel mostly alone here, underground, with only one or two other people in the library. But I am actually in a collective space. It is because of the other people, the invisible others, that library rules exist, that I don’t write in the books here the way I do at home, that I stay quiet.


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